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12 pages, Folded, The Oak Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 1, Fall 1991. Includes: "Oh Deer", Vern Fish, Tree Seed Collection, Trail Donations, Seedling Orders, Hickory Hills Park Update, "Sproutings-Nature Center News", Membership Drive, The Last Roundup,…
Group of Children With Snowshoes
8 pages, Folded, The Oak Newsletter Vol. 10, No. 4. Summer 1991. Includes: "Recycling In Black Hawk County" , Gary Lee Wilcox,Hartman Cleanup, Hickory Hills Addition, The Depo Reopens, Sproutings-Nature Center News- Volunteers, IMS Grant, Comings and…
10 pages, Folded, The Oak Newsletter Vol. 10, No. 2. Winter 1991. Includes: "A Living Present" -Vern Fish, "A Decade Of Service" -Jean Klingman, 1991 Trail Passes Available, "Icev Fishory At Hickory Hills" -Daryl Parker, Sproutings-nature Cente News,…
Steve Hyde dressed as a dinosaur
Angie Johnson wearing a frog in a tuxedo costume
Yvonue & Al Duggan Wearing salmander costumes
Steven Hyde. Dressed as a bird
Stephanie Sprauve dressed as "Gaston"
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